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-Who is CryptoCon?

-What is the Bitcoin Data Newsletter?

-Bitcoin Data Newsletter

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Who is CryptoCon?

I am a crypto technical analyst, most of you will probably know me from X.

CryptoCon’s X Profile

I began my crypto journey in 2018, after hearing about Bitcoin from a friend. But with my personality, I am not just able to hear about something I’m interested in and leave it at that… from then on, I committed myself to learning everything I could about crypto, and the more I researched, the more I wanted it.

Then, in 2020, I came across the stock-to-flow model. I started to see the stars aligning. Long-term data from lookintobitcoin.com was bottomed out, the stock-to-flow model seemed right on track for $100,000, and when the market took a dive during the COVID crash of March 2020, I started adding… aggressively. I was confident that this was the opportunity of a lifetime.

After Bitcoin surpassed $10,000 later that year, I started to scale back on my adds, and diversified my portfolio into Ethereum while it was at $300.

And then, I waited.

Bitcoin and Ethereum rose, right on schedule. Everyone, including myself, was waiting for the promised 100k Bitcoin.

But for the same reasons that I had bought in the first place, I started to notice some warning signs appearing, data was saying that Bitcoin topped. A realization I came to shortly after it did in April 2021 at 64k. Afterward, I published the last Bitcoin Data Newsletter at the time, announcing my withdrawal of all of my coins to an exchange.

Then, after I converted all of my Ethereum into Bitcoin, I sold everything at a price of $54k, documented in this Tweet.

My Bitcoin Sell in April 2021, Documented on X.

After that, I disappeared to enjoy my profit. For 1 1/2 years. Only when I heard about the FTX collapse I realized it could spell opportunity.

Sure enough, long-term data did it again. The masses were overwhelmingly calling for a recession during the 2022 cycle lows while metrics were simultaneously bottomed out, so I went all in, at 16.5k documented here.

After my success, I have now committed myself to reaching as many people as possible and helping them to make good long-term, informed decisions.

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What is the Bitcoin Data Newsletter?

My newsletter has allowed me to create a space to share my full extensive thoughts, to help you make those important financial decisions, develop a successful investor mindset, and navigate the market.

Let’s face it, buying low and selling high sounds easy, but as most of us know, it’s one of the most difficult things to put into practice.

The Bitcoin Data Newsletter keeps you grounded in facts in a highly volatile, and emotion-evoking market.

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Bitcoin Data Newsletter

Release Frequency: Bi-Weekly (Tuesdays)

Bitcoin Data Newsletter

The Bitcoin Data Newsletter is free and released once per week.

In it, I give you a shorter piece of data analysis, and also some investor mindset tips which train your mind to think like a profitable investor.

Some highlights include: “Bitcoin is a Lie”, and “Trading Will Ruin Your Life”.

To think like a successful investor, there are some things you will need to do that some people won’t talk about. You must separate yourself emotionally from your investment, and learn to sell, the right way.

Be sure to give the articles above a read, I’m sure you’ll find them interesting.

In the Bitcoin Data Newsletter, I also feature four main topics:

  • Short-Term Analysis

  • Market Comments

  • Long-Term Analysis

  • Investor Psychology

Short-Term Analysis

This focuses on what will happen in the coming week, I use smaller time frames like the 4hr and 1hr to get a better understanding of the shorter-term future.

Short-Term Example

Market Comments

Here I can focus on my thoughts on the market and get into the minds of other crypto investors. If we can determine what others may be thinking, it could give us some helpful insight into the likely next direction of price.

Long-Term Analysis

The long-term analysis gives you one data piece that I won’t feature anywhere else! I can provide my full thoughts here, so you can be fully informed.

Long-Term Example

Investor Psychology

This is the part to train your mind. I talk about all of the steps you need to take to become both a better person and a better investor. They go hand in hand! Mindset + tools = success!

I take pride in the Bitcoin Data Newsletter, and I put as much work as possible into it. I care about you winning!

You also get limited access to Cycle Labs where I go over two of my key models: The Halving Cycles Theory and the Trend Pattern Price Model. You can view both of these models live in TradingView on the Free Models page.

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Friday Videos

Every Friday, I’ll send out a video that goes over a couple of my daily x posts to keep you informed!

You can view the archive of Friday Videos right here:

Friday Videos

Clip From a Friday Video Update

The Premium edition focuses on application.

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Bitcoin and Altcoin Data Newsletter Premium

Release Frequency: Weekly (Mondays)

The best is saved for premium.

First off, let’s show that the proof is in the pudding. You wouldn’t want to subscribe to something that doesn’t tell you the right things. Here are some noteworthy articles:

The Decision to Sell at 54k in April 2021:

Bitcoin Data Newsletter” (Not Premium at the time, but certainly would be now.)

Urges to Buy During the Lows of 16.5k in 2022-2023:

Why You Should Probably Buy Bitcoin Right Now” Nov 28th, 2022

Why it’s Risky NOT to Buy Bitcoin Right Now” Dec 12th, 2022

You Don’t Have Much Time” Dec 27th, 2022 (2 weeks from the sprint out of the lows)

Calling the Bull Market at the First Rise 17-21k 2023:

Bitcoin is Going Up, is The Bear Market Over?” Jan 9th, 2023

Bitcoin is Breaking Out, The Bull Market is Here.” Jan 23rd, 2023

Urging to Buy on the Pull Back to 25k June 2023:

The Time to Buy Comes Again” June 12th, 2023

Finding the Bottom After the Bottom at 26k September 2023:

Is it Time to Bring Back the Bull?” September 18th, 2023

Uptober has Arrived” October 2nd, 2023

BitTime Calls for Up” October 17th, 2023

As a premium subscriber, you will get access to the following features:

Let’s answer the most important question, How will this help you profit?

I go over data from as many sources as possible to come to good conclusions about the next market direction. This helps you to be more informed on your buying and selling decisions.

I give you dollar cost averaging tools and tell you what I think you should do in every newsletter.

As a subscriber, you will be the first to know of any long-term buying and selling decisions I make.

Our Private Telegram group keeps your long-term mindset in check. If you need support or have questions, we’re here for you!

Data is the key to success, and you will always have the most up-to-date information with premium.

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Bitcoin Data Newsletter Premium

Release Dates: Every other Monday

The Bitcoin Data Newsletter Premium is packed to the brim with information and data analysis.

To show you exactly what you’ll be getting, I’ve unlocked a premium Bitcoin post just for you! Read it here:

Bitcoin Premium

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Altcoin Data Newsletter Premium

Release Dates: Every other Monday

This Newsletter allows me a space to focus completely on Altcoins.

I’ve got another premium Altcoin post unlocked right here:

Altcoin Premium

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Premium Update Videos

Premium Videos

Premium subscribers will get even more videos! These will come on the off days of my newsletter, except Sunday.

This means Premium gets exclusive videos on Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday.

Here I will be going over my X posts and other topics in more detail so you can fully understand my thoughts.

You can view the full catalog of premium videos here.

Clip from Premium Video

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DCA Tools

I have created custom Dollar Cost Averaging Tools that help you scale in and out of Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Altcoins.

Once you subscribe, you’ll have access to the DCA Tools page which lets you view them live in TradingView.

DCA Tools Page

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Premium Charts Page

This page lets you view the charts I make on X, in TradingView!

This way you can get a much better view of price action, and see where we are in real time.

You’ll be able to copy and edit these charts for your own (does require a TradingView essential plan).

I post a lot of charts, so this gives you plenty of valuable tools at your disposal.

Premium Charts

Edit Charts for Yourself in the Premium Charts Page!

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Altcoin Tracker

This page lets you view all my Altcoin analysis in one place, so you can see the ones I think have the best oppertunity for the cycle!

You’ll get information like the buying oppertunity, how risky the investment is, how likely I think it is to exceed its previous ATHs as well as projections for possible returns in the future.

This will help you greatly in determining the coins you want in your portfolio.

Altcoin Tracker

Altcoin Tracker helps you deteremine good Opportunities!

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Priority Updates and Long-Term Decisions

As a premium subscriber, you will be the only one to get the full reasoning behind my long-term buying and selling decisions. This ensures you know everything before you decide!

Premium First Look Updates

You’ll also receive any priority updates which I may do if there is a big news move in the market that requires urgent attention.

Always have the first to know!

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Premium Telegram Group

Along with your subscription, you also have access to a private Telegram Group and Notification Channel. The group is for general discussion and includes other long-term thinkers like you who are navigating the market.

Join us inside the Telegram Group!

The group as mentioned earlier is the only place where you will be able to vote for the Altcoins you want to be featured in the ADNP!

If you want to view how the voting process works, you can do that right here through the Private Telegram Group Page (Scroll to the Bottom)

This group allows me to share any short-term thoughts I have, and answer your personal questions.

Our group of premium thinkers is here to help you, I hope to see you join us!

Even more is on the horizon for premium, it only gets better from here.

I look forward to seeing you along the journey with us as I continue to build the most powerful group of long-term thinkers crypto has ever seen.

Happy to have you here and welcome to the team!


The Original November 28th Cycles Theory

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*Disclaimer: Please note that the information provided is for informational purposes only and is not intended as financial or legal advice. It is important to seek advice from qualified professionals regarding financial or legal matters. The opinions and views expressed are solely for discussion and do not constitute professional advice."

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